al. Beliny-Prażmowskiego 53/4, 31-514 Kraków, Polska
+48 501 261 589


About me

My name is Konrad Bańdo and I am an attorney-at-law and tax advisor.

The attorney-at-law profession involves providing legal assistance, including in particular rendering legal advice, issuing legal opinions, drafting proposed legislation and appearing before courts and authorities. Legal assistance includes, without limitation, rendering legal advice or consultation, rendering legal opinions, legal representation and litigation representation.

Tax advisor profession in Poland You may compare with the position of the attorney-at-law specialized in tax law, including  representing taxpayers and appearing before tax authorities and administrative courts (financial chambers). The title „tax adviser” is subject to legal protection, so it is far more than just be a tax consultant. Rather lawyer specialized in taxes.

By doing both of these professions I am able to provide you professional legal assistance and assistance in tax matters, which is of great importance if you want to run business in Poland, especially in Cracow or general in Lesser Poland region.

I speak English and Polish (native).

About the firm

Konrad Bańdo Law & Tax Office specializes primarily in tax and commercial law, providing assistance in tax audits and tax proceedings at every stage of the case, with preparing remedies. I also prepare transfer pricing documentation and help in all matters related to running a business from creation to liquidation or bankruptcy, including the recovery of receivables from contractors.

In addition, my office runs the so-called general practice, which means that it provides help in matters that most often affect us in our lives, such as payments, inheritance, family, employment, administrative matters, etc.


My office is located in Cracow, Poland at Beliny-Prazmowskiego Av. 53/4, 31514 Cracow (Mon.-Fr., 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.). You can also write me an e-mail at or call + 48 501 261 589.


How can I help You? 🙂


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